The idea for Surfakademin was born on the North Shore of Oahu in the mid 90’s, when Jens Holmer and Peter Sahlberg left Sweden for Hawaii to learn the noble art of wave sliding under the wings of the Hawaiians.

It took us ten years to conceptualize our thoughts and dreams. We have since long capitulated to the mystique and euphoria that surrounds surfing. Now we want to share it with you.

Since Surfakademin was established in 2006 we have taught over 2000 Scandinavians to surf.

The entire Surfakademin team is internationally certified lifeguards and surf instructors, trained, educated and examined by the International Surfing Association.  The Surfakademin family includes Jens Holmer, Peter Sahlberg, Vera Nording, Pontus Hallin, Ellen Strand, Filippa Edghill, Alexander Dexwik, Annika Walden and Ignacio Robaina. Sweden's best surfer Freddie Meadows is our ambassador and hi performance instructor.

Before Surfakademin was established Jens and Peter ran the surf school - Kawela Surf Camp – on Hawaii.