Living a long happy life

Living a long happy life

Like the people in Sardinia and Okinawa, a person living on the Nicoya Peninsula in Costa Rica has about twice the chance of reaching the age of 90 as a man living in the US.

Costa Rica as a country spends only a few percent of what an ordinary developed country does on health care, yet it's people appear to be living longer and seemingly having healthier lives than most countries.

But why so?

1) Smiling every day. The Costa Ricans are well known for their happy life style and big smiles. They call it Pura Vida.
2) Getting sleep
. Nicoyans sleep an average of 8 hours per day, prompted by a lack of electricity, which causes them to hit their bed early and wake with the sun.
3) Eating fresh fruits and fish. 
Ticos and ticas eat rich, colorful fruits and fresh tuna from the Pacific on a daily basis.
4) Laying in the sun. Sunny weather. Nicoyans enjoy healthy doses of daily sun, enriching their bodies with Vitamin D.

Last but not least. The surf - clear, warm water and perfect waves. Life is beautiful all day every day.

The super talented Italian photographer Mario Rubbino accompanied us on an early morning session last winter outside the ranch in Santa Teresa. 

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