European Surfing Championships

European Surfing Championships

”Three minutes until start, surfers may now paddle out and please keep away from surfers in the current heat.”

“Heat starts in five, four, three, two, one and go!” This is 20 minutes of surfing in the complete different context I’m used to. It is blood, sweet and tears, it is stressful, painful and it challenges my surfing abilities to the fullest. And somehow I like it, not because it is an arena to show off your skills but rather it forces me to think new and it is a way to improve what I love to do.

This is the Swedish national team of Surfing and our trip to the Azores for the European Championship of surfing 2013. Fifteen teams that surf, shread and slide for their nations pride and honour. Surfakademin is represented by me Anton Hoas Ströman, Freddie Meadows and Annika Walden.

So, how did it go? How’s Swedish surfing compared to the international level? Really good I’d say, considering Sweden being a young surfing nation without coast facing a proper ocean. It was evident that the battle for gold would be between Spain, France and Portugal. However Sweden had a great chance of becoming the best out of all northern European countries and succeeded in doing so.

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