Arctic Waters

Just prior to the cherry trees started to stand in blossom, we flip-flopped the seasons and went back in time to Winter days. We headed out on a magic journey to an unknown ocean - to the arctic waters of northern Norway. A dramatic and untouched landscape accompanied us on the road trip - spectacular snow dressed mountains, stormy offshore and fun peelers made us never want to go home.

Peeling Sri Lankan days

Peeling Sri Lankan days

The trunks are still damp. Just a few days ago the snow greeted us harshly when we got back to Sweden from our winter haven in Costa Rica. 48 hours later, yet again, still jetlagged we find ourselves, sipping on the morning brew, at the airport, re-packed & stoked for a new adventure.

Sri Lanka. An unknown frontier for all of us - a group of friends consisting of my wave sliding companion the last decade and a half Jens Holmer, the photographers Jeff Flindt & Fredrik Skogkvist as well as the drifter - Elias Benxon - all usually travel west to explore and discover new waves and cultures but now our aim is set at the tea-leaves island located southeast of India.

The rumor has echoed in our heads for years that Sri Lanka possesses some pretty epic waves all year around on it's different shores. So arriving in Colombo at 3.30 in the morning, we still had a few hours of quasi-dreaming to do before our dawn patrol debut. 

Following the road by the beach - sun is slowly rising and as we glance out to sea the first thing we see is some fun-looking shoulder high peelers. We instantly jump out, wax up, and as we paddle out we become a part of the Indian Ocean for the very first time - all alone. Magic. This is pretty much the signature sensation of the entire journey - we wave slide waist to head high nuggets at least two times a day - most of the time only the few of us in the water. We score.

A shout out to the craftsmen Jeff Flindt, Fredrik Skogkvist & Wouter Struyf for documenting our days in still photography.

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